Shocking match fixtures today Vyas Youth vs Nawa Yuwa…

Today there were both Semi-final and Final matches played for the first time in this 5th HairanS Cup 2011. The first game was between Nawa Yuwa and Vyas Youth, who had automatically gone to semi-final as Dovan didn’t showed up. The Final was also to be played next right after this Semi. And from the first whistle blow Nawa Yuwa made an attacking move and managed 1 goal by jersey no. 8 before half-time.
The second half started and saw the shower of goals from Nawa Yuwa. Jersey no. 8 of Nawa succeeded in making his hat-trick and the hero of the last games scorer Makkaray Gurung also had 2 goals and 2 more from other players. It was all in the Nawa’s side, with ease they thrashed Vyas Youth with 7 to 0 goals. Despite they knew they have to play Final right after this game they didn’t back down to play defensive wasting time instead they kept on hammering their opponent. It was humiliated defeat for Vyas Youth and it ended with Nawa 7 & Vyas Youth 0.


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