Ethnic people from Tanahun celebrated 17th annual World Ethnic Day at Damauli

Yesterday people from various places of Tanahun district attended the celeberation of 17th Biswa Adivasi Diwas 2068 at B.P. Banbatika, Damauli.The event was colourful with all the ethnic peolple wearing their own culutral attire and dancing.

First they made a gathering at the spot and made a rally around Damauli bazaar. Later the senior people from different organization and Tanahun ethnic group addressed the mass about how beautiful and important is our culture and should protect it from distinction also the goverment should also focus the needs and deeds of the ethnic people. Also they were more anticipated and aware of the nepal’s next most vital step of Bhadra 14th the day of Sambidhan Diwas. People showcased their own culutral song with dance. The time was too short to showcase all the song and dance longer so had to announce to perform little by the host. It was Suresh Ale the Chief Maoist of Tanahun District the main person of the event addressed the mass and the event came to fullstop.

The event was colorful through this show it taught that we the coming generation should take heed of our culture and need to keep alive further.

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