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Bagbazar 0 – 3 Sukla Gandaki

The game was dominated by the Dulegauda club Sukla Gandaki throughout the game. It was the comeback of one of the veteran player from yester years Laxman Lama a.k.a ‘Khhachaday’ skipper from Sukla Gandaki. People familiar with thiskind of tournament from yester years in this ground could easily know him well.

This time also in this old age he was equally brilliant. All the goals were put by him which he became the first player to make hattrick in this tournament. The opponent team Bagh Bazar were also fighting hard despite considing goals. But the game ended with 3 nil.


Chhirkan 0 – 2 Sukla Gandaki

The team Sukla Gandaki had no rest for this match as they had played their winning game on the earlier day of the second match. They seemed bit tired which the Chhirkan team took full advantage and manage to suppress the game right from the whistle blow. They had many opportunity but lacked the finishing touch. The hero of the yesterdays game the skipper of Sukla Gandaki was looking weary and had been nicely guarded by the opponent skipper in the defense.

Chhirkan again was taking forward in the second half but Sukla also came attacking. Finally the Sukla forward put a goal. The players of Chhirkan still fought hard but couldn’t get the score and 10 mins. to the final whistle skipper of Sukla again socred making it 2 nil of the final score.