The Unity Khairenitar 1 – 3 Dovan

The game between Khairennitar & Dovan football club was the first game of the day which was started around 11:30 am 28th of Mangsir 2056. It was the very competitive game and the highlight of the game was the players of Dovan F.C. which they had hired from Chitwan.

It was the most entertaining and pulsating game till today of this tournament Hairans Cup 2011. After 15 mins. of the game start Dovan succceded to score through lovely play and then again the same player scored. Till half time the score was Dovan 2 Unity 0. After half-time The Unity came strong they fought it strong and it did paid off they mangaed to pull back 1 goal. The hired Dovan players were very skillfull they were dominating the game and around 80 mins. they scored.

The Unity were also considered the better team in this tournament but because of the hired players in Dovan they were put out of the tournament. The final score was Dovan 3-The Unity 1.


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  1. best of luck all footballplayers

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