Janasewa the first team to reach Final..

In todays semi-final match there was supposed to be played 2 games but only had 1 game between organizer team Hairans A and Janasewa where Janasewa won with 2-0 and entered for Final.  As in the last game the oraganizer had tough time to make decision on disqualifying Vyas Youth team because of their bad sportsmanship and the opponent team Dovan was given a go-ahead semi-final game. But as their players who were brought from Chitwan had already gone to their homes and didn’t show up in the game they were technically declared out and their opponent team for this semi Nawa Yuwa was choosen the winning team and directly go for the final match.
So for the Final match of this 5th HairanS Cup 2011 are between the Bhadgaun Highschooltar side Nawa Yuwa and Dhorfirdi side Janasewa. The game is expected to be of good entertaining and competitive match.


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