NAWA YUWA F.C the winner of this 5th HairanS Cup 2011, congrats….

It was surprising and interesting that for the first time there was Semi-final and Final playing in the same day right after the Semi-final game in Hairans Cup history. Nawa had not so long time to rest for the Final game. It was also learned that some of their players had their personal matters of which they had to finish it today. Their one player got injured in earlier game and couldn’t play in the final. Match started and within 1 min. jejrsey no. 7 of Nawa Yuwa scored a goal. They looked hungry for the title forgetting their tiredness. Leading with 1-0 the first half ended.

In the second half the game was going competitive but the tired legs were seen among Nawa Ywa players. But again succeeded in putting another goal with this the game ended with 2-0. And the 5th HairanS Cup 2011 was conquered by the Bhadgaun, Highschooltar side Nawa Yuwa F.C. They stood the best team in this tournament breaking the records. Scoring 9 goals againstĀ  New Vision and in semifinal thrashing Vyas Youth with 7-0 also scoring the fastest goal within 1 min. of the start of the game. And not to forget their vicious striker Makkaray Gurung jersey no. 14 with 6 goals in 1 match and in total 8 goals receiving the highest scorer. A good quality player.

Big Congratulation to Nawa Yuwa F.C for their superb performance and winning.


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