Youth found dead in suspicious condition at the premises of Saibaba Temple, Damauli

youth found dead dangling on rope in Damauli

Today, early in the morning a youth, male, was found dead dangled with rope around his neck outside the building of Sai Baba Temple.

Victim of around 22/23 yrs. age who later was said to be a helper of a bus was in a very suspicious state. His both legs were lying on the floor literally in sitting position and small rope tied to the bar and unto his neck.
It clearly looks some foul play but yet the truth has not come out.

/just yesterday only we had discussed about the crime scene in Damauli and again yet another youth found Dead/

Where’s the security and safety in Damauli? Is Police station really there (just a reminder) or is this some rural area? Shame of calling it Headquarter of Tanahun.

Previously Damauli Police had announced launching of an operation “Clean Sweep” boosting to minimize the crimes, catching the hooligans and maintain tight security regarding its growth but alas there has been numerous crimes day by day.

And this recent dead scene lies just under their nose, literally. The area is just below the CDO & DSP quarters. Also there are lots of new recruited security personnel, so called ‘Myadi Police’, under Police department but has no any single effects. I think it’s just the way of corrupting the budget.

And not to forgot the involvement of Politics on this issues which everybody knows.

Few years back in September 2015 too there was same kind of scene which was very suspicious of pointing out as suicide of a young boy Purna Bahadur Ale aged only 16 years but later on administrations stopped the case saying a Suicide which whole people were totally against of looking at those suspicious sight.

Hope this recent deaths result have very fair probe and good thorough investigation.

There has been number of crimes, murder rising in this last few months and that too at a regular interval of time but what’s been done to sort it out? Nothing.

If Police/Court had given severe punishment without caring of age bar i think people would realize/afraid on doing so in-vain no any effects.

All are aware that these neo-generation kids are way out of control no any guilt/respect, acting superior,.. to which some serious attention must be taken. First priority itself belongs to their parents to teach and bind them in manners likewise, school should have strict rules & regulations following good education. By which, i think a Lot would be sort out.


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