Murderers of Bikram Pariyar remanded in custody by the Court

murderers of actor/siger Bikram Pariyar making public on May 18

murderers of actor/siger Bikram Pariyar making public on May 18

Court has remanded the six murderer (4 boys & 2 girls) of actor & singer Bikram Pariyar (murdered on May 14 2017 on the first phase of local election) in custody where two said to be underage ie. both 16 yrs. ANJALI RANA MAGAR (girl) & PREM ALE of Vyas-3 Bisghare are referred to Child Correction Home, Pokhara.

Likewise, other four Murderers ROSHAN CHAND (20 yrs.), MADHUSUDAN NEPALI aka. Tumbakey (17 yrs.), RANJAN THAKURI (17 yrs.) all from Vyas-1, Highschooltar are remanded in custody and a girl USHA THAPA (18 yrs.) from Vyas-3, Bisghare is sent to Pokhara as there is no facility of Girls Prison here in Damauli.

So at last what happened, nothing too much done ain’t so? Looking at the murder case history in Damauli there are many juvenile involvement found and whats been done? they say they are underage and sent to Child Correction Home for like some months or years and later leave free and is this Correct? and that too these days can we call 15, 16 years of age underage?

I think the court should give top priority looking at the case scene and be more strict and give the harshest punishment upon this juvenile case or else these juvenile don’t feel any of their wrong-doings & its punishment so are again motivated on doing so.

Murdering someone itself is horrendous act and falls under the top severe case pointing them as Criminals so why leave those criminals be it underage or old, one’s life is spared, gone, it’s not a joke or mistake.

We Hope this time they are thrown to life imprisonment, not like earlier where those murderer involved in groups are freed after few years. This is the murder of national actor/singer not the ordinary one and hope the court has done good justification.

Note: it was heard that one of the boys involved was previously sentenced to Child Correction Home too on the murder case.


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