Actor Bikram Pariyar murdered by the group of juvenile

Actor Bikram Pariya, second on the right side, just before half & hour of his murder

Actor Bikram Pariyar, second on the right side, just before half & hour of his murder

Today after casting the Vote at Jaldevi Secondary School polling center at Bhadgaun a well known Bikram Pariyar of Vyas-1, Bhadgaun was found murdered by juveniles and one severely injured.

It’s really so disheartening to know and a great loss to Tanahun at the demise of such a great talent of theatrical,musical & mentor getting murdered by none other than juveniles.

As of the information the murder took place after casting his vote at riverside near the abandoned leather factory. Pariyar was attacked while clearing the dispute between two juvenile groups. Another Dev Narayan Shrestha who was along with him is severely injured and taken to Pokhara for the further treatment.

He had just come to his hometown yesterday to cast his vote for his love on his community all the way from Kathmandu where he’d been residing taking his theatrical & musical career to the next level. He is survived by his two child, son & daughter along with his wife.

Most of his dear and near ones remember him as very dedicated towards theatrical and musical having gentle behavior with great potential, amazing teacher with full of motivation and inspiration.

He had played numerous big theatrical T.V dramas and movies like Dalan, Singha Durbar, Fitkiree and international movie Kathmandu-a mirror in the sky, etc.

Bikram Pariyar at National Acting Competition

Mr. Pariyar at National Acting Competition

Pariyar was associated with Studio Actors’ Nepal as an instructor of theater music, voice & speech and actor since 2006 A.D. until recently. And just recently he was associated with “National Acting Competition 2016-17” along with renowned Nepali actor/mentor Anup Baral, actor Dayahang Rai and actress Reecha Sharma giving Voice and Speech training to the contestants.

Its not that one individual got murdered its about who? How he was? and the assailants being just young boys n totally unaware.

So people EDUCATION, education differentiates one and Respect is the key. Wake up.

Analyzing the murder case in recent years in Damauli it definitely has risen quite drastically and that too on Teens.

It seems the lack of severe judical punishment and the very poor action by the administratrion. What’s most boosting the incident is by excusing the boy of age under 16 under the Law so, if it’s first degree murder then no one should be left-out from severe judical punishment be it a boy or girl until then these teens will come up at the right path. They need to be more mentored by their parents too.

May the departed soul Rest in Peace.


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