Day 5 : 9th H.C. ’17 – First Quarter-Final RESULT & SUMMARY

⚽🏆💸9th HAIRANS CUP 2017/2073 💸🏆⚽

Feb. 1st / Magh 19


📅 5🇹 🇭 🇩 🇦 🇾: 2 Matches

📣 1st Match: 📋 RESULT F.T.

✔ 💯 Nawa Yuwa [ 4 ] ➖ [ 0 ] Vyas Youth Club

1st Half:
⚽ Birendra Ranabhat 👕 17 🕛 4′ (Nawa)
⚽ Birendra Ranabhat 👕 17 🕛 5′ (Nawa)
⚽ Yogesh Shrestha 👕 14 🕛 17′ (Nawa)

2nd Half:
⚽ Yogesh Shrestha 👕 14 🕛 17′ (Nawa)

👤M.O.T.M.: Yogesh Shrestha 👕 14 (Nawa)


📣 2nd Match: RESULT F.T.

✔ 💯 Friendship Youth CLub [ 1 ] ➖ [ 0 ] Hairans Club

1st Half:
0 – 0

2nd Half:
⚽ B.K. Lama 👕 11 🕛 10′ (Friendship)

👤 M.O.T.M.: B.K. Lama 👕 11 (Friendship)


1st Match: Nawa Yuwa Club 4 – 0 Vyas Youth Club

Now as the 9th Hairans Cup 2017 is moving towards the end the game is also seen heated up on grabbing One Lakh sixty five thousand one hundred and eleven winning prize.

And the effect was seen today between Nawa and Vyas’s first Quarter-Final match, starting late than the given time due to the protest from Vyas management team regarding one of the Nawa enlist players Last Name. Eventually sorted out the problem barring that particular player from playing.

As the game started, Nawa looked in full swing scoring first goal of the match in just a fourth minute of the first half and in a minute later made it 2-0. This time it was an easy goal where Vyas’s goalkeeper seemed quite nervous with the ball just near to him couldn’t handle it properly and the opponent striker just pushed it with ease.

After this second goal all the Vyas players looked dejected and their performances slacked. It didn’t look like it was that very  Vyas team who had given great performances in earlier match knocking out Kahun Milan 3-0.

Nevertheless they pushed hard to overcome it but luck wasn’t on their side. And the game went on to finish with an easy 4-0 to Nawa.

Last goal by Yogesh through free kick was absolutely stunning to watch with the ball dipping at the
top side of the corner.

2nd Match: Friendship Youth Club 1 – 0 Hairans Club

In this second Quarter-Final match, the host had a great possession over the tournaments top contender Friendship Youth Club and had a quite good number of chances to score but lost one nil at the end.

Despite those three international players of Friendship playing, Hairans had a good game from the word go in the first half. Many were thinking Friendship would come out with an easy win but the host showed superb performances making it very hard for the opponent to score.

Uche, the most dangerous striker of Friendship as well as other forwards were well marked by the Hairans defenders. It was very close clash between them at one point Hairans had a chance to score but the shot hit off the post.

And at the tenth minute of the second half B.K. Lama scored the only winning goal for his team. Thereafter, the host fought hard looking for equalizing goal alas the game ended 1-0.


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