“Manhunt International Nepal 2016” winner Samim Khan welcomed in Hometown with celebrations

samim khan_felicitated_DTYesterday, the winner of “Manhunt International Nepal 2016” Samim Khan, a local lad of Damauli, was welcomed with celebrations at his hometown by the group of local institutions, well wishers and his past school VDJBS. Later the mass converged at Traffic Chowk.

Samim, who was pursuing his modeling career after returning from UK looked promising and was constantly working hard giving the shape and vying for the competitions. Recently he had been residing in the Capital to take his modeling further to the height.

And that indeed showed its result by winning the prestigious “Manhunt International Nepal 2016” and now he will be representing Nepal on upcoming “Manhunt International 2017”.

Besides the Title he also won “Mister Talent” and “Mister Best Hair” award, cash prize of worth One Lakh rupees and a brand new motorbike ‘Hornet’ from Honda as the winning prize.

Still gotta lots to do and go. Now i’m looking for bigger and better result to get most out of it for the country from  “Manhunt International 2017,

a jubilant Khan addressed thanking all the associates involved in the celebration and

without the love and support from Damaulians it wouldn’t be possible. It really is the win for our district too.” he further added.

This achievement has also put another milestone on taking our place to another height, recognizing widespread. It’s these things and innovative people that is helping our place to be heard and known further than the works from the administrative people and so called high level people associated with the upliftment and betterment of Damauli as well as Tanahun district.

In such a short period, after the government enlisted Municipality to other places there has been significant changes and development seen to those places. Whereas, What we’ve seen Damauli is still as of the same old back days with just some little infrastructure done. The tag “Gaunle Bazaar” (Villagers Bazaar) still fits in it.

Wake up now or else your pride of Headquarter might get taken.


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