Purna Bdr. Ale’s death case ends in Misery

After the second autopsy done in TU, Kathmandu under the request from the unsatisfied victims family who along with many supporters by the “Suicide” report from the doctors of Damauli again turned out to be same as the initial report.

After all this week long strikes and disruption in the town, this final report has really put all the supporters and people down and in shcok.

It is reported that some papers thought to be his suicide letters, 1000 NC Rs., Ncell sim card and blade were found from his clothes by the TU doctors. Getting all these things from the victim, doctors along with the deceased family associates were in huge shock. Furious doctors pointed out the total carelessness and negligence from the associated post-mortem doctors of Damauli and police personnel.

The surprised family members have further requested to investigate and have a good check if those letters were really written by the boy himself.

Later both the deceased Purna and Roshan were brought back to hometown, Damauli, from Kathmandu and Pokhara respectively and did the funeral.

Such a turnout has definitely given the people a lesson to not to take decisions on their own hand rather be patience until the final decisive report to come out.

That week long strikes saw lakhs of public property vandalised, disruption in business and academy, more importantly lost of the two civilians go in waste. But among 40 people arrested 9 are taken into custody for further action and have been lodged public case.


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