Serious clashes between the police and the protestors

Following the death of a young student Purna Bahadur Ale, 16 yrs. boy currently studying in calss 10, which was found in a suspicious condition on Monday there had been few clashes with the administration and police authorities demanding the proper clarification and justice by the victims family &  supporters but today the situation was very tense and chaotic.

As the protesters were expected to be in large number than the earlier armed police too were beefed up. First the large protestants made a rally around the bazaar and despite the police trying to block them, huge protesters successfully made their way to the police station and  converged to the massive meeting. Later in the afternoon saw agitating scenes after police tried to disperse the gathering charging batons, in reply the protesters too hurled stones. Police were seen pushing the young ones and females to the roadside-canal with their shield and chasing the male firing tear gas shells and bullets. Over 3 dozens of tear gas shells and above 13 bullets were fired. And around 7 people are reported to be injured by the bullets and one in critical condition.

As the tear gas were fired randomly the shells were seen landing on many peoples home affecting the normal people because of which also saw one 3 days old infant near to the death. It is learned the shell landed right to their home leaving the infant along with mother unconscious. The baby was quickly rushed to the near by hospital and later taken to Pokhara. “If the baby was brought little bit late there was a mere chance of  living” the doctor quoted.

We are stunned that in such usual cases where angry protesters normally hurls stones when police charge them with batons i think there is no such cruel act of firing guns targeting the people. As the nation have been seeing and hearing about the police personnel firing guns and killing dozens of people in terai area i think now the people wont show sympathy when these polices are killed.

It is learned that the main cause of the protest rose after the postmortem report called it suicide which everybody  insists, the observers confidently says looking at the cuts, bruises, eyes popped out, acids spilled on the face it definitely proves the boy was murdered, and delaying of taking the body to Kathmandu for another autopsy. Also its learned that the vital part of the body too was cut so how could one spill acid to his own face, cuts his hands, vital organ and hang himself?! such foul things clearly clarifies about the death. Also the police tried to dismiss the case with the suicide report and saying we will further have good investigation and dispersing the protesters.

Why the police aren’t trying to bring the culprits name out and just go with the mortem report. Ok if the report is positive its fine but later if it is learned the boy was murdered what will gonna happen to the Doctors and other representatives? Why ain’t they looking at to those sides? By such decisions still huge protests are learning to take place and if there is again another casualty what will gonna happen big question is here.


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