Much awaited great band 1974 A.D. rocked Damauli

1974 ad   Finally, one of the famous & legendary band of Nepal 1974 A.D. stepped down here in Damauli yesterday for their maiden live concert over here and rocked the stage in style. The venue Uttarshila Film Hall dated August 4th 2013. With the theme “Vyas was born in Damauli”, D10 management group with mukudml had organized this live concert to let the people know about Shree Veda Vyasa who created ‘Mahabharata’ and other epics and also a central and revered figure in most Hindu traditions, who was born here in Damauli but not so keenly taken by the world and under limelight, to get known and its facts to be revealed.

   The show started late as usual from the given time like of every concerts  and as of the past comparison long queue of the people waiting outside the gate couldn’t be felt. The show kicked off with local bands & singer.  First local rock band ‘Disable odds’ took the stage & gave a rocking performance then after ‘Dark Invasion’, band from Khairenitar, came to the stage with good show. Later, another local band ‘Last Survivor’ showcased their rock performance pulling the crowds higher. Lastly, Iswor local singer sang his originals.

And as the time came for the main show everybody welcomed 1974 A.D. with huge round of applause & cheers. Despite some defects on sound they marched on with their hit numbers belting out one after another with the flow of crowds. People could be seen singing and jumping on their every songs. But due to time schedule they didn’t go on for long which was bit letdown for the concert goers and came to an end around 8 p.m.

Nevertheless, the concert went fair with no hooliganism. We should give many thanks and much appreciations to the band 1974 A.D. who managed to come here for the first time. Also much praise should be credited to mukudml & D10 for their effort on bringing such huge band,1974 A.D., despite all odds.

click here for Pictures of Live concert


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