Vyas Youth Club A wins the 1st Vyas Cup 7-a-side Football

   A week long 1st 7-a-side Football organized for the very first time in Damauli by Vyas Youth Club 11 as their maiden theme Vyas Cup came to an end yesterday. There were much speculations & hype about the final game as it was a big derby match between two clubs Vyas Youth Club representing ward no. 11 & Hairans Club representing ward no. 2.

   As usual of the final games crowd, there too were large number of people waiting to see the clash. It shows that no matter when the final is played, is it on holiday or the normal day the craze of football is always high here in Damauli. Also beefed-up policemen could be seen for this final.

   As the referee whistled the start of the final, aggression and desperation for winning could be seen on every players. Loud cheers from large number of each supporters made it even more entertaining. The ball possession looked equal on both sides, missing some good strikes. So the 1st half ends goalless expecting the other half to be of more rough patches.

   On 2nd half too, the game went very competitive until around 10 mins. before final whistle V.Y.C A’s long range shot beat the Hairans keeper as he got dodged by his own player standing in front and went inside the post scoring it. Now the game looked more frustrating for Hairans A and tried to regroup for the response which they somehow tried to manage but it was too little too late. The time was running out and that 1 goal became the decisive goal for the organizing team on lifting the 1st Vyas Cup 7-a-side Football Tournament 2013.

   Jubilant Mr. Man Raj Gurung, One of the member of the club expressed “We V.Y.C 11 are very happy on winning our own 1st Vyas Cup. It’s the outcome result of our players hardship and effort of management committee. This win has left the long drought of winning any football competition till by V.Y.C-11.” Also the loosing team Hairans were quite happy as their finalist team was not their first choice, Hairans B was the one but had lost in the quarter final.

   All in all the final game ended peacefully and in good way. As the both club looked fired up and aggressive to outcome as winner it ended with good spirit of sportsmanship. But this different kind of football played for the first time seemed not so hit on the people and not getting in their heads. Despite it, the crowd turn-out was good and towards the end people seemed to get some of it. The organizers had good number of sponsors and their people from abroad too had donated good amount.

   The winning team V.Y.C A bagged amount worth Rs. 51,111/- also trophy, medals & certificates as well as the second positioned Hairans A too did but the amount only Rs. 25,555/-. Akash Thapa from V.Y.C A emerged as the star of this 7-a-side, winning Best Player and Highest scorer worth Rs. 5000/- and 25,00/- respectively plus medals & certificates. Best defender, Rs. 2,000/-, went to Bimal Basnet from Gunadi’s club New Generation.

Award Function round-up:
Winner – Vyas Youth Club A (Vyas-11)
Second – Hairans A (Vyas-2)
Highest Scorer – Ajit Thapa (Vyas Youth Club A)
Best Player – Ajit Thapa (Vyas Youth Club A)
Best Defender – Bimal Basnet (New Generation-Gunadi)


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