7-a-side full results

1st Day: 27th July

1st Game:
Vyas Youth Club A (Vyas-11) 5  0 Mitrata Yuwa Club (Belbas)

2nd Game:
Hairans A (Vyas-2) 3  0 Vyas Youth Club C (Vyas-11)

2nd Day: 28th July

3rd Game:
Keshabtar 1 3 Dovan Yuwa Club (Bhadgaun)

4th Game:
DG Club (Dulegauda) 3 3 Vyas Youth Club B (Vyas-11)
V.Y.C B won on penalty shootout with 31 ]

5th Game:
New Horizon Club (Sotipasal) 4 1 Baghbazar

6th Game:
Vyas Yuwa Samaj (Vyas-10) 0 5 New Generation Club (Gunadi)

3rd Day: 29th July

7th Game:
Dumre Sanskritik Yuwa Pariwar (Dumre) 6  1 Hairans C (Vyas-2)

8th Game:
Galaxy 0  2 Hairans B (Vyas-2)

9th Game:
Kahun-Milan Yuwa Club (Kahunshivpur) 2  2 UK-11 V.Y.C (Vyas-11)
[on Penalty shootout Kahun-Milan won 2-1..]

10th Game:
Tin Khole Nirman Sewa (Dulegauda) 13  1 V.Y.C XI (Vyas-11)

4th Day: 30th July

11th Game:
New Horizon Club (Sotipasal) 0  2 Hairans B (Vyas-2)

12th Game:
New Generation Club (Gunadi) 2  1 Dumre Sanskritik Yuwa Pariwar (Dumre)

13th Game:
Kahun-Milan Yuwa Club (Kahunshivpur) 0  3 Nawa Yuwa (Hi-schooltar)

5th Day: 29th July

14th Game:
Vyas Youth Club A (Vyas-11) 6 1 Dovan Yuwa Club (Bhadgaun)F.T.

15th Game:
Hairans A (Vyas-2) 3  0 Vyas Youth Club B (Vyas-11)F.T.

16th Game:
Hairans B (Vyas-2) 0 0 Nawa Yuwa (Hi-schooltar)F.T.
[ Nawa Yuwa won on tie-breaker with 32 ]

17th Game:
New Generation Club (Gunadi) 1  Tin Khole Nirman Sewa (Dulegauda)

6th Day: 30th July

19th Game: (1st semi-fnal)
Vyas Youth Club A (Vyas-11) 0 vs 0 Nawa Yuwa (Hi-schooltar)F.T.
[ Vyas Youth Club A won on tie-breaker 32 ]

20th Game: (2nd semi-fnal)
Hairans A (Vyas-2) 1 vs 0 New Generation Club (Gunadi)F.T.

7th Day: 30th July

21th Game: FINAL GAME
Vyas Youth Club A (Vyas-11) 1 vs 0 Hairans A (Vyas-2)F.T.
[ Vyas Youth Club A (Vyas-11) wins, congratulations! ]


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