“Paddy Festival 2013” (Ropai Mahotsav 2070) for the first time near Ghansikuwa

1rpAhsar 15, the word which reminiscences every Nepalese of excitement & joy singing, dancing and playing with mud while planting in the paddy field will also have a same kind of experience on this coming August 3rd marked as Ashar 15 near Ghansikuwa, Amreni-1 organized by Regional Hotel Association Tanahun (RHAT) for the first time titled “Paddy Festival 2013” (Ropai Mahotsav 2070) with more interesting & exciting games. The day is observed as National Paddy Day and also declared a National holiday by the government since 2004.

The event is first of its kind to ever take place and the main focus point is to promote Tanahun on tourism sector and attract more foreigners and national people to reckon about its cultural significance’s plus help promote Damauli wider, RHAT proclaims.

It’s really fascinating news to everyone plus foreigners as-well come enjoy the paddy plantation celebration with different touch and get to know more about it. Foreigners coming to Nepal at the moment will have a better experience of Nepal, taking part on it and enjoy once in a year experience smearing mud on each other, which according to belief cures skin diseases and dancing & singing on ‘Ashare bhaka’ the traditional song sung for the particular day.

There are also lots of entertaining games and competitions held on that event. The main attractions are;

1. Paddy plantation (Prize given on fast and nice plantation basis)

2. Mud Race (Running in Mud)

3. Fishing Competition (catch a live fish on muddy paddy field)

4. Ashare Geet (Traditional song competition)

5. Traditional Music ‘Panche Baja’ compettition

6. Food Stalls and many more


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