Can anyone believe in S.L.C, Economics subject, whole students of a school getting “0”?

  The S.L.C result of Kyamin V.D.C-1, Tanahun Kyamin Higher Secondary School has proved how careless is the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), Sanothimi and playing with the lives of the future of country’s youth. Out of 51 exminees all were given ‘0’ in Economics.

  Everybody understands minimum 1-2 points can get not nil so, the shocked & angered schools management committee went to the head office of the Controller of Examinations on Thursday for recheck. Later 11 students were proved to be passed.

  It’s such a shame and this shows how negligence O.C.E is. It’s not a joke, that result could have taken ones life. Moreover in some cases they might be the responsible for the life of some S.L.C failed students death. So what it shows is that the result published may not be 100% true and if suspicious or the good student is failed please go for recheck and don’t just be hopeless and do unnecessary things immediately.

  In this uneducated country if the education sector itself is acting as uneducated taking no brains towards the result how could our country Nepal go up? Education, which is the light source for the development is itself under shadow no progress could be seen and done.


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