Nawa Yuwa, last years champion knocked out

On first Quarter-final game Sukla Gandaki (Dulegauda) made an easy win on Vyas Yuwa Samaj (Vyas-10) with 4-0. There were no goals from either side in first half but on second half Sukla played more attacking game and succeeded on scoring 4 goals.

In second match between the last years champion Nawa Yuwa vs this years contender New Generation (Gunadi), there were more crowd than any games as it was considered the most anticipated and talked about match. Both teams showcasing their great effort to win led the spectators see the quality game and pumped up their body in excitement also the supporters from both the teams kept on boosting their players to go on by chanting all the time. And there was first goal from New Generation but the under pressure last year champion fought back on scoring to make it 1-1. Now the game was on full swing as one should come as winner but couldn’t get any score on full-time and 10 minutes added time too so the game went for tie-breaker.

There were also more drama on tie-breaker as both goalkeepers managed to block the balls and leveling the score. And now for the final decision making penalty, both teams had 1-1 players each taking it where Nawa Player missed to score by hitting the post and New Generation player succeeded on scoring leading their team to victory.

Tomorrow Semi-Final Matches:
Morning: Dovan Club (Bhadgaun) vs Sukla Gandaki Yuwa Club (Dulegauda)
Afternoon: Friendship Club (Belchautara) vs New Generation Club (Gunadi)


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