Organizer Hairans A knocked out by Kahun Milan

There were altogether 3 matches played today than usual as the dated opening-match was also being played today. First game between Fastbreak Hairans Club & Vyas Youth Club (Vyas-11) turned out to be the surprising result as the Vyas Youth also considered as tough team went on to loose on tie-breaker. Fastbreak Hairans which is another branch team of the organizer consists of the old players with big bellys who just participated to have good timeand have fun. Though there were great chances from Vyas Youth they couldn’t score and went for tie-breaker where happy-go-lucky Fastbreak Hairans succeed on winning with goal margin of tight 6-5.

In the second game Bhansar Yuwa Pariwar (Bhansar) emerged as winner with comfortabe 4-1 scoreline with Nawa United Club (Khairenitar). It was also another thought to be competitive game but Nawa United lacked flawless play and didnt reach as expected gameplay.

The last game between Hairas Club (Vyas-2) & Kahun Milan Yuwa Club (Jhaputar), which was actually the opening match of this tournament but cancelled due to heavy rainfall, also saw the unexpected result. Everybody were hoping that the organizers Hairans would easily win the game but it turned out to be different. There were more attacking game and chances from Hairans but to their unluck couldn’t get to score and missed many easy opportunities. On tie-breaker too Hairans had 1 goal advantage as the goalkeeper stopped the ball but again the opponent team stopped the ball and at the end Kahun Milan managed to win by 6-5 tight margin.

Tomorrows Matches:
Morning: Nawa Yuwa Club (Highschooltar) vs Khaireni Yuwa Club (Khairenitar)
Afternoon: Horizon Club (Lamjung Sotipasal) vs Dovan  Club (Bhadgaun)


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