4th Tanahun Mahotsav a flashback

For the development & help to uplift the socio-economic conditions of Tanahun district and promote its natural & cultural beauty plus religious historical place, The ‘4th Tanahun Mahotsav’ which began from Jan. 25th 2011 till Feb. 3rd 2011 didn’t seem to lighten & attract people like the past did though they had added more playing hings. The major setback seems to be of bringin more renowned national artistes.

The main attraction of this time was the chopper ride provided by Air Dynasty which had only 5 days of hovering and the response was good. The cost of the ride was Rs.4600 for just hovering around Damauli area & Rs.5100 upto Chhimkeswori Danda and back to Damauli. As usual there were various stalls sellin varieties from eatery to selling of toys. The one that attracted most than other stalls was the ‘Banana Eatery Stall’ which served different new & unique items made from Banana like Banana Mo:Mo, Banana chips,. Banana Mo:Mo being tottally a new taste to people and with its uniqueness was able to attract more people than others. Amazed stall owner looking at the crowd flowing for the craze of varities made from Banana, expressed with joy that the busines went beyond his thought. The first ever exhibition of Tanahun reflecting Photography were also visited by mass of people. Likewise the local handicrafts also made good business. The next center of attraction was the face-to-face meeting with the second shortest people on Guinness Book of World Khagendra Thapa Magar for whom people need to pay a visit fee of rs. 25. Beside the usual Lok Dohori competition this time there were also the Poem competition & Inter School Dance competition.

On whole of the event just 2 days one on ‘Sahid Diwas’, 29th jan., being National holiday and second on the second last day which was on Saturday got to see the flow of people and rest was not upto the par. AS a whole it did made a satisfactory buiseness.


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