Due to techincal errors Mr. Lamsals dream of setting new Guinness World Record failed

As the darkness began the mega show of today’s main event could be felt from the spectators cheers.  Everybody was hoping to see a local boy making the new Guinness World Record riding bike solo through 105 mtr.  long engulfed bamboo-tunnel.

People associated with the lighting of bamboo-tunnel on fire started to light them and the star of the day Mr. Samser Bdr. Llamsal on his Hyosung bike was throttlng to go by.  He passed through it with no harm but to his dismay there was no big proper needed flames lighting as needed to be according to the rules of Guinnes Bok of World Record.  He again tried but it was the same low flames so the show got stopped.  Earlier he had also said that,

I don’t know how well it goes, in foreign country they use machinery fuel things and there will be good amount of fire but here we can see there is no proper things to get fire. We’re just using some tattered clothes & straws wrapped around bamboo poles to build fire. Also seeing only straw wrapped i myself bought some strong wires to wrapped around on it so that it wont fall down fast after it’s caught by fire.”

The same thing went on today and his chance of breaking new Guinness World Record failed. Lack of proper management by the organizers could b seen also the crowds were furious as the stated artists were not brought. Ticket system entry of rs 100 was quite odd for the show also many of the people bought only to see the famous tele-programme comedy artist “Dhurmus” & his real-life-wife “Suntali” who were not attending. People were blaming organizers that writing famous comedy artistes, singers lured them to buy 100 rs ticket.

Nevermind, again after some 2 weeks time he’s planing to do it again with proper arrangements and be successful.


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