3 days of Adibasi Janjati ends peacefully..

Regarding the ” New Sambidhan” the Ethnic community also stood up for their rights and identity and called 3 days strike throught out the nation. The Ethnic community of Damauli area also staged a programme on the highway road of Vorleytar chowk & Traffic chowk of Damauli.

Shops, Schools all were closed and there were no vehicles plying
on the road. Looking at the incidents seen on other places, here in Damauli it was peaceful. The large number of Ethnic people  made the rally throughout the bazaar area and converged to mass meeting at Vorleytar chowk. Mr. Rajendra Kumal President of Adibasi Janjati Mahasangh(Federation of Indigenous Nationalities) Tahanhun, Former President Mr. Harisingh Gurung, Outgoing President Mr. Shankar Narayan Shrestha, Youth Union President Mr. Siddhant Thapa, Mr. Yam Bahadur Ale vice-president of Nepal National Magar Union were all out there and poured their feelings that were not listened by the Presidents and their letdown in the country. They also entertained the mass by dancing their cultural dance ‘Chudka’ with songs representing their feelings towards the government.


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