Bhanumati emerges as winner in the fierce battle of the Volleyball Final with Gajarkot..

The final match of this ‘District Level Inter V.D.C./Municipality Male Volleyball Competition’ organized by Nepal Tarun Dal Tanahun on the memory of Late Nepali Congress Youth Icon Girija Prasad Koirala between the title holder Bhanumati V.D.C and Gajarkot V.D.C. was really intensifying. The game went on to play the full 5 sets for the final decision and the hero of the final was Bhanumati’s national player, Sunil Shrestha.

Exciting, pulsating, competitive and fightback was the highlight of the final match. The title favorite Bhanumati had a tough time to win the final. Gajarkot today were in full preparation for the title fight and could see the energy on every players. The 1st set was won by Gajarkot with good playing but the Bhanumati came back on 2nd set. The 3rd set was also interesting with extra special from the left handed player of Gajarkot and their fighting spirit went on to win the 3rd set making it 2 on their side. Points were coming from each individuals but the most points of Bhanumati were only coming from their national player, it was like one man show. Coming to 4th set it was the most interesting and the fierce battle. As the Bhanumati were 2 game down to 1 they need to win this set anyhow to level it and the pressure was on them. This time also Gajarkot made a brilliant effort pressurizing the title holder favorite. The game was not going to Bhanumati’s side and the frustration of their national player could be clearly seen on the field as well of the whole team. It was looking like Gajarkot were cruising to victory but the defending champion of three time District level Running Shield organized by District Sport Development Committee on the year 2064, 2065 & 2066 A.D. fought back with great comeback and succeeded on levelling the game by winning it. This was the main turning point of the competition.

Now the Bhanumati were filling with great confidence and Gajarkot frustrated. For the last set of only 15 points game Bhanumati quite easily came to win it on 15-6 and the competition by 3-2 sets. All in all the game had gone to head to head points. Bhanumati won the final by 25-16, 27-25 & 15-6. The 4th set was unlucky for Gajarkot. Anyways they succeeded to get 3 individual category prizes under their belt alongside their 2nd prize. Altogether 28 V.D.C. and 1 Municipality had participated in this Volleyball Competition.

Prize distribution were done at Nepali Congress Mass Meet by the Nepali Congress Central Member & ex-president Ram Sharan Mahat and Nepal Tarun Dal’s Upcoming Central Member Puspa Parajuli at ‘Ansan Chautari’ road. The prizes were:

1st prize 50,000/- to BHANUMATI V.D.C.

2nd prize 30,000/- to GAJARKOT V.D.C.

3rd prize 20,000/- to PHIRPHIRE V.D.C.

Consolation prize to BAIDI V.D.C.

Best Player – BHARAT (Gajarkot v.d.c.)

Best Spiker – BIJAY THAPA (Gajarkot v.d.c.)

Best Lifter – DARSHAN THAPA (Gajarkot v.d.c.)

Best Defender – ISHWOR THAPA (Baidi v.d.c.)

Best Blocker – DHIRAJ SINGH THAKURI (Phirphire v.d.c.)


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