Disappointment 1st Western Regional Industrial Exhibition..

The scenario of the exhibition ground looked huge with long tents of stalls, playing things, covering almost whole ground and was expected to be big thing but this 1st Western Regional Industrial Exhibition 2012 went a flop show. Despite it being the first one of a kind of exhibition and the added playing things & entertainment plus the inter v.d.c. level district volleyball competition which was organised on the same ground, could not attract the crowd.

Things kept on stalls were not either interesting or eye-catching also the stalls were not fully occupied though the exhibition committee had announced the rent fee for stalls were free. It was like is it the Regional Industrial Exhibition? or fun park. On the other hand the magic show of girl turning to snake was totally disgusting and a waste of money. It looked how easily these people are luring the people and taking their money. People were not satisfied from the whole exhibition. Unique things and creativity goods were not found there. It looked the lack of proper advertising and showcasing. Through this first experience next time the management committee should not spend money such play things rather think of how to bring the unique creative work of the people like handicrafts,ideas and help to promote them.


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