3 days of Nepal Magar Student Union’s 7th National Conference started today

From today the 3 days of 7th National Conference of Nepal Magar Student Union started here in Damauli, Healthpost Ground. Magar students with different status and bacground flocked into Damauli to join hands together for the sake of their caste, rights and respect. But  as the headline suggests of converge of magars from all over the nation, people could sense that it could not gather the numbers as it was expected to have.

Members and the Leaders of the Magar community holding top positions and the range of  guests from other constituitions were also invited. They addressed about the social status of the community throughout the country, the rights they needed to have and the prejudices thrust upon them by the groups of other community.  An officer from GAESO enlightened and voiced the state of Gurkha Army.  The mistreatment and the attitude towards Gurkha by British government seemed rather disgusting and painful.  He pointed out the short coming of the Magar Students behind their failure. So everyone needs a  boost. The boost need to come out of the herd which will set them to leapfrog in t he race.  Next on, guests stood up then shared and addressed the  current issues. They spared no respite to flay the current political leaders for the sorry state of nation and leading us backward. Urged the Magar students to come forward and work together as a cohesive unit to break the shackles. Also the typical magar dances and tradtional cultural songs were showcased including Maruni, Kauda and Chudka.

Nevertheless the first day of the Conference boosted entertaining and exciting programme for the light hearted audience infact it was held for other cause.


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