Vyas Youth & Dovan game cancelled because of some scuffle..

The second game was expected to be very competitive and fierce which was turned to reality. There were big no. of supporters of both the team and the viewer’s stand was packed. Keeping the view of  disturbing games on previous matches, today the organizer had made a barricade around the ground for safety. At first half Dovan players were not looking dominating like on their first match. Vyas Youth also put their full effort in the game and around 15 mins. they succeeded to put a goal through high ball when the keeper came way out of his area. His mistake made quite set-back to his team but had many on target but couldn’t put a goal. First half ended on Vyas Youth leading with 1-0.

At the second half the game went very competitive. Supporter’s voice of both the teams could be heard uplifting their teams. Again there were many good chances of scoring by Dovan but couldn’t capitalise it. The game was going interesting and the time was running out for Dovan. They were looking nervous but kept on attacking and finally they broke the deadlock by scoring a goal levelling to 1-1. Again the Dovan had a beautiful chance to lead the game but went outside. Now the game was looking intense and the two opponent players got roughed up. Instantly the supporters of Vyas Youth ran inside the ground and roughed up the Dovan players and chased them. The scene was messy. Unfortunately today also there was no spirit of fair game seen instead there was bad side of football.

Later the volunteers and safety police men brought back to the normal. No serious incident happened.  The organizer committee took small meeting about what to do next? for this game. Both the teams manager & coach were also called up on but the decision couldn’t come easily. It took long time on discussing and the night was approaching fast. Later they made a decision of disqualifying Vyas Youth for further matches and tomorrow’s smei-final game was postponed for the day after tomorrow because of Nepal bandh.


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