Nawa Yuwa 9 – 0 New Vision

In todays 1st game between Nawa Yuwa and New Vision crowd got to see the firing of goals. At the second half it was going competitive though new Vision were down with 2 goals but the second half was way out of expectation.

The second half started and there was shower of goals. The game was mostly dominated by Nawa Yuwa. But the game went heated up when the two opponent players started to raise their legs getting both of them yellow cards. When New Vision player was going for substitution on the way to outside the ground he took out his jersey which led him on getting red card recklessly and the substitution couldn’t be done. With this incident and players getting tired they were loosing their hope and one of their player just stopped on playing and went out of the ground. He was looking bit injured and tiredness. And in a while they made their decision of quitting the match and all their players marched outside the ground although there was only some 5 mins. to the end of the game. Jersey no. 14 of Nawa Yuwa Makkar Gurung made astonishing 5 goals and helped his team winning with big margin of 9 goals to nil.

Today also the match couldn’t be played to full-time. It seems ‘My game is Fair play’ couldn’t be followed.


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