Hairans A 2 – 1 Bhansar

The most comprehensive and competitive game was seen in todays second game between the organiser Hairans A and Bhansar team. Hairans had come up with stategy of keeping their best player in substitute. But the game was mostly on the opponent side keeping the more ball possesion and attacking forward. Hairans also had quite few chances. Visnu from the left flank made a sensational play dribbling passing some three defenders on the corner line and managed to pass his player but his effort was not capitalized.

The second half was the turnaround of the game. Still goalless now the game was very interesting Hairans putting their subs. player on the field. The crowd was entertained by the jersey no. 7 player of Bhansar showing his some beautiful skills. He was having his good time and after some 30 mins. of the second half Bhansar was awarded penalty as their striker was pushed down by the opponent defender inside the d-area box. They didnt let the opportunity let go and scored it. It was looking like they had the game on their hand but the defendant champion Hairans were not giving it up and went attacking. And their effort was paid off getting the penalty from the foul made by the Bhansar defender inside the box. Again this penalty was also capitalised by one ot the best player of Hairans, Bimal. Now the game was tied to 1-1 and not so time left for the final whistle of the match. Both the teams were now looking for the winning goal and the game was heating up.

Dramatically as the time was running out Hairans made a nice through on pass to the goal and scored it. All the jubilatiion was there, the referee also gave a goal but there was Bhansar player appealing for off-side and not so happy with the lines-man. They went for appealin towards lines-man and referee. After some discussion the Bhansar player decided to not to move on further with the game and left the ground. The match officials tried to convince them and ordered them to come inside the ground but the Bhanasar players didn’t obey the officials. The players of Hairans were on their ground ready to finish the game as the opponent team didn’t turned up, match referee blowed his final whistle declaring the Hairans A team the winner.


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