Doctor & Son

It was a lovely day not as usual sunny & hot outside. The weather was cool some black clouds looming in the sky and thundering could be heard but no sign of raining. As usual after my meal i was reading the best portait beauty of nature and picture of violence in Maobadi era in a text, “Palpasa Café” novel by Narayan Wagle, lying on my bed. The cool air was flowing from the window blowing the curtains like someone teasing me peeping, opening curtains a little bit and closing time to time. Nepali Teej and Ratauli songs from nepali T.V channel could be heard playing somewhere in distance. As the Teej festival was approaching near almost all day the local cable would play Teej songs continuously. It was my parents and sister, daughter of my Uncle, who had come to visit us on the other side of sitting-room watching those songs on T.V. and discussing about ratauli tradition, where women fully dresses and acts like male.

I was on my own flowing with the text enjoying every words and somewhere i heard my father talking about bus accident and people killed. Suddenly i stopped in the middle of reading and diverted from book towards my father’s voice. Some ratauli songs were playing and my family members were discussing. I just wondered and felt surreal saying to myself Does my father know about this novel? And is he telling the same incident that met with Palpasa, a character in “Palpasa Café“,? Again i made my ear active as the deer feeling the danger of being attacked and listened to my fathers saying. Actually he was telling a short kind-a-story about a father and son getting in bus accident and making a question. He was saying,

‘Once a father and his son travelling to Pokhara on bus met with accident and the father died on the spot whereas his son was critically injured and taken to hospital. In the hospital a doctor came for medic and immediately seeing that injured son that doctor said “Huh! he’s my son. How did it happened?” and caressed & hugged him.

 Now say, “Who do you think of that doctor? who is saying he is my son and What about his father who died on the spot?” This question really hit me hard and left me confused and wondering.

– Do you(Readers) know the answer of this question?. If No, than Please give it a try before reading the other half. –

Thinking about that question and finding the answer i googled my mind long and kept quering myself alone in my room but still blank. In the midst of my silent room i could hear my parents discussing and coming with different opinions on the other side of sitting-room but not the correct one and the ratauli songs still playing & dancing without shyness. At last my father bursting with laughter said, “What! doctor means only a male person? Women cannot be?” suddenly my mind also clicked and couldn’t stop laughing alone in the room thinking again & again.  He further added pointing ratauli on T.V. “Look, how women can dress and act same as male likewise in real world also now women have gone further in education, activities and many more but its we the people who think they cannot do the same work as men do and don’t count them. So, here also it was same that you people didn’t think that Doctor could be FEMALE rather focused on MALE Doctor.” Everyone there also laughed and said, “Yey, Hamleta sochdai nasocheko?”(“Huh, we hadn’t thought about it?”)


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