Gurungs celeberated ‘Khoey’..

Recently there had ‘Buddha Jayanti’ celeberated in the Koimba,the temple of gurungs, and after few weeks now they had ‘Khoey’ which means the gathering of Koimba people and enjoying dancing, eating and calling the guests from ohter places to celeberate this day which they say is like food festival of Buddha Jayanti.

In this day there were total of 7 guests participating from vimaad, Chaapthwok, Pokhara, ex-Vupu, Mewabaari… The day was nice with clouds looming giving the perfect environment for the day. All the teams had thier own small group singing in the beat of ‘Khaijari’, which is the iconic musical instrument of Gurungs, and the girls and boys dancing in their chudka style. The main attraction of the event was the team from ‘Chaapthwok’ who were all small boys & girls. They were young yet they had potential in playin chudka and more amazing thing was they had just come directly from ‘Makwanpur’ place above ‘Kotre’ singing whole day & night.

There were many people attending the occasion and there was little problem of vechicles passing. All in all it was a beautiful and successful programme.


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